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comprehensive collection development + management

ABA provides expertise and access to established and emerging collectors of contemporary art. We maintain a broad-reaching network of galleries, dealers, artists, museums, and auction houses throughout New York and global markets, and leverage our team’s collective experience to provide comprehensive support and a service tailored to individual tastes and objectives. We prioritize discretion, transparency, and long-term value.


We believe knowledge and accessibility are key to building a significant and lasting collection.  Through imparting deeper art historical knowledge and context, we foster the development of our clients’ understanding to aid in navigating an increasingly complex art world. Our work is founded on in-depth academic research, which guides our approach and direction. ABA will cultivate exposure of emerging and established artists through gallery,  art fair, studio visits, auction house, and museum tours unique to the client’s objectives.


ABA provides access, support and partnership through all aspects of acquisition. We work closely with clients to define curatorial parameters for the collection and source acquisition opportunities within that strategic framework. We offer exclusive access to sought-after works and artists, as well as management throughout the buying process including negotiation of pricing and post-acquisition logistics.


The development and maintenance of a collection requires significant oversight and care. ABA offers a full range of services to support a client’s collection including installation, storage, conservation, and market assessments. We create and maintain a thorough database with documentation for all clients’ collections as well as provide updated appraisals. Each collection has unique needs, which informs our flexible and strategic approach.

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